Mobile phones are getting more and more stuck? In addition to changing a new phone, you can still do this.

                                          Mobile phones are getting more and more stuck? In addition to changing a new phone, you can still do this.

                                          Smart phones are becoming more and more popular and more powerful Now almost contracted our clothes, food, shelter and transportation. Everywhere you can see the "low-headed family" Accompanied by the slower speed of mobile phones Even if you don’t move, you will be licking your face. I believe many gamers have this experience. There are two levels on the road to the glory king First, the network card 2 is a mobile phone card. Kakakakakakakakaton! At this time, will you restart or shut down and then turn on? On the surface, turn it off and on again=restart But why are there two different options? Which is faster and which is more effective? Shut down and then boot Restart VS Shut down and then boot: In fact, the phone is turned on and off like a computer. It detects the state of the hardware and shuts down the system and hardware when it is shut down. Turn it on again and check all hardware again, then reload all the data. Restart: It is a restart of the mobile phone software level, does not involve hardware, it will make the system automatically skip many steps that need to be performed when switching on and off, and directly enter the operating system interface. Speed comparison Shut down and boot: slow. Need to boot the system, restart is not required. Restart: Saves a lot of steps than shutting down and booting up, and the speed is significantly faster. Power consumption comparison Shut down and then turn on: Re-detect the entire hardware and system. In this process, the CPU runs at full speed and consumes relatively large amount of power. Restart: It is just a restart of the software layer, which is relatively more power efficient. Handle mobile phone fluency Shut down and boot: better. It is the detection of the entire data, and will clear the deeper system key program data, and some deep garbage is also removed. Restart: Does not involve the system level, so important data in some systems will not be cleared, and naturally there is no need to reload. Read the explanation above Next time you encounter a mobile phone Little friends, know how to choose? In fact, it should deal with mobile phone In addition to restarting, there are these small methods ↓↓↓xx 1,软件清理丨现在手机一般都带自己的清洁软件,清理当前的运行过程,释放手机运行的内存。 2,关闭开机自启动软件丨许多软件安装后默认是开机自动启动,这样可以随时接收信息,但总会在后台运行占用内存,导致手机挂起。因此,关闭一些可以使手机运行更容易。 3.关闭推送通知。大多数软件都有推送功能,有些消息会不时被推送。在某种程度上,这些推动也是手机的罪魁祸首。因此,仍然关闭不需要的推送建议。 4,软件搬迁丨对存储卡手机的支持一般支持将已安装的软件安装到存储卡上(除了不能插入存储卡的一个)。单击设置中的“应用程序管理”将软件传输到存储卡,但某些系统软件不支持移动。 5,终极移动,恢复出厂设置丨打开手机的设置菜单,找到“重置”,即可恢复出厂设置。恢复出厂设置后,手机中的所有应用程序,信息和电话簿都将被清空,手机将恢复到刚刚购买的状态。 通常,不要随意安装弹出软件。 甚至不要随意“越狱”或“刷机” 这可能会导致移动电话系统出现漏洞。 定期清洁手机的内存是为了保持它 平稳运行手机最有效的方法! 另外,告诉大家一个好消息,如果小伙伴需要美国版的Apple手机可以私下编辑,粉丝很漂亮(粉丝可以享受95%的折扣)



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