Known as "Xiao Xiang Yu", he thinks that he is a founding father, Gao Huan thinks that he only worth two hundred sticks

                                          Known as "Xiao Xiang Yu", he thinks that he is a founding father, Gao Huan thinks that he only worth two hundred sticks

                                          AD 534 years, Gao Huan Li Yuanjian sees the throne, the history is called Wei Xiaojing Emperor; In 535 AD, Yu Wentai poisoned Wei Xiaowu, the emperor of Yuan Xiaowu, and held the Yuanbao torch to the throne. The history was called Wei Wendi. At this point, the pattern of the integration of East and West was formally formed. After Gao Huan’s Li Yuan’s good deeds, he still did not have the strength to stand alone. However, there is no longer any force in Hebei that dares to be right against Gao Huan. Gao Huan at this time is more like Cao Cao before the Battle of Chibi, not Sima Zhao after the annihilation. No one dares to openly confront Gao Huan, and does not mean that everyone is convinced. For example, Gao Gan's third brother Gao Cao, who sent the nickname "Xiao Xiang Yu", as early as Gao Gan decided to join the Gao Huan alliance, Gao Cao repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction. Later, Gao Huan’s own son, Gao Cheng, visited Gao Song Cao to see the elders’ etiquette, and finally settled the matter. Cao Ma Ma is peerless, and there are hundreds of people around.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji XI Gao Cao was in the outside, smelling it, doing it as a woman, leaving a cloth skirt. Encourage Shi Zicheng to see the children and grandchildren, and Cao is all together.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji XI However, this kind of flatness only temporarily calmed Gao Cao, and did not mean that Gao Huan really surrendered Gao Cao. In fact, Gao Wei Cao has always been in a state of "reducing Han and not falling Cao": supporting the Northern Wei with you Gao Huan? can. Do you want to be emperor? no way! Five years ago, when Wei Xiaowu’s emperor Yuan Xiu and Gao Huan’s contradictions were open, Gao Qi’s brother Gao Gan once engaged in speculation between Yuan Xiu and Gao Huan. Gao Huan borrowed Yuan Xiu’s hand to remove Gao Gan. Later, when Gao Huan saw Gao Song, he burst into tears: "Your big brother died so badly!" Hug his head and cry: "The emperor is harmless!"——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji 12 When Yuan Xiu heard Gao Huan say this, he was anxious at the time: "How did Gao Gan die in the end, do you have any points in your heart? Don't want to give me a black pot!"xx He is both secret and does not know who he is. It’s the death of a high-ranking person.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji 12 The Xianbei people at that time generally despised the Han people, but they were only afraid of Gao Cao. Gao Huan used the Xianbei language when he gave orders to the soldiers. But as long as Gao Cao was in, he would definitely use Chinese. Gao Song Cao once went to the house of Gao Huan and had to break in without notice. The goalkeeper refused to let him in, and Gao Cao opened the bow on the spot and shot the goalkeeper. After Gao Huan knew it, he did not dare to blame Gao Cao. When the time is fresh, the Chinese are light, and the only one is Gao. Huan’s slogan, often fresh and humble, and Cao Cao is listed, it is the Huayan.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji 敖 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 , , 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣 诣——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji There is such a fierce person around, Gao Huan still has to be careful when doing things, otherwise it is possible to lose all the steps. However, in 538 AD, Gao Cao was killed in the battle with the Western Wei. The reason why he would fall so far was because Gao Huan had a black hand behind his back. Gao Wei Cao and Hou Jing and others besieged Jin Yu (Northwest Luoyang), Yu Wentai led the army rescue. Gao Wei Cao led the army to fight, but was attacked by Yu Wentai, so he only fled to Heyang Nancheng. The Eastern Wei Houjing, Gaochun Cao and other Wei Wei alone believe in Jin Yu, and the Taishi Huanshuai army followed. The Wei people tried their best to attack, and none of the troops were there.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji XIV Heyang Taishou is Gao Huan’s nephew Gao Yongle, who has old grievances with Gao Qi Cao Su, so he will close the gate and prevent him from entering the city. Gao Cao asked the city to put a rope down, and no one cares about him. Gao Hao Cao got the knife to cut the door. Before he cut the gate, the chase went, and Gao Cao was killed. The defender will be the North Yuzhou thorns Gao Yongle, Huanzhi from the ancestors, also with Cao Cao, resentment.敖Cao Yang calls for a rope, no, but the knife is not worn and chasing the soldiers.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji XIVxx 从表面上看,高智草在军队中的失败完全是由于高永乐故意谋杀。然而,高欢在事后被追究责任时只带走了高永乐二百支军棍。 高焕文,如肝胆的死亡,棒高永乐二百。——《资治通鉴》·梁纪十四 不要以为二百支军队如此强大。如果军事执行的军队严重打击,我估计十支会杀人。如果两百支棍子全力以赴,高永乐将当场殴打成肉。在这一点上,你可以了解明朝的权杖,看看有多少人在法庭上被束缚。 高永乐被两百支棍子殴打。他的生命不仅没有危险,而且他通常还能和高欢交流。这个惩罚是什么? 高永乐的公敌导致了高智晟的杀戮。从法律上讲,这是一个死罪!怎么可能打两百支?更重要的是,高曹不是一个普通人。他是一个敢与高欢交谈的军事和政治阿姨。 高曹在去世前向追捕者说:“我是这辈子的创始人”,但在高欢,只交换了两百支高永乐。这本身就证明了高欢与高松曹的关系并不像传说那样和谐。高永乐刚看到这一点,就敢去黑手杀高曹。 当俞文泰得知高松去世的消息后,他欣喜若狂:他直接奖励了万端。此奖励不是一次性问题,而是每年发布一次。直到余文氏建立的北周沦陷,才得到奖励。每个人都可以想象这种奖励有多丰富。 泰国奖励杀死曹的布料,一年中的年龄略差于一周。——《资治通鉴》·梁纪十四 从高欢的角度来看,高's在曹死中死亡的消息可能喜忧参半:喜悦被充分理解,因为在高欢的统治下,有一个强大的竞争对手失踪;焦虑不难理解,因为高玉是一个强有力的伙伴。 如果高曹还活着,高欢也许可以控制他,但高欢的儿子基本上无法控制他。 Gao Wei Cao Yuan is more powerful than Hou Jing. There are many examples of the unruly sorghum Cao Yu in the history books. Hou Jing can only be eclipsed in the face of Gao Cao. Gao Huan’s son Gao Cheng, in the face of Hou Jing fashion and fear, if faced with Gao Wei Cao, I estimate that Gao Cheng can only feel at ease. With the death of Gao Songcao, Gao Huan’s attack and weakening on Hebei Gao’s (the Gaochun Cao brothers) began to intensify. In this context, Gao Gan’s second brother Gao Shen chose to defect and surrender to Yu Wentai. Shi Shu’s statement is: Gao Huan’s son Gao Cheng often sings a high-cauted woman. Gao Shen is not willing to wear a green hat, so she chose to defect. After Zhong Mi's wife Li Shiyan and Hui, Cheng sees and pleasing, Li does not, clothes are cracked, to confess Zhong Mi, Zhong Mi benefit. Find out for the history of the northern Yuzhou, conspiracy to rebel. When the suspicion is suspicious, the town is sent to the town to marry the military, and the secret is to know the civil affairs. Zhong Mi set the wine to extend the life, Fu Zhuangshi, hold it, in February, Shen Shen, to rebel against the tiger, to drop Wei.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji XIV Gao Hao Cao brothers four, the boss Gao Gan and the third child Gao Cao were killed, the second child Gao Shen defected, the old four high season style did not follow the second brother to defect, but the news was reported to Gao Huan. The high-season style is very clear, that is, to draw a line with Gao Shen. The high-season style is in Yongan, and the Zhongdi sent a letter to the newspaper; the seasonal style is a joy, and the joy is as old as it is.——《资治通鉴》· Liang Ji XIV The reason why the high season type will do so is because he has no way to go. Staying in the East Wei will be hit by Gao Huan, but will you have a good result when you flee to Xi Wei Yu Wentai? Jun did not see Wei Xiaowu's Yuan Xiu, but he was poisoned by Yu Wentai after fleeing to the Western Wei. Followed by high, the road may be more and more bleak, but fled to Yuwentai, I am afraid that there will be no road ahead. While attacking Hebei Gaoshi (a high-ranking Cao brothers), Gao Huan also attacked other veteran ministers. Most people chose to give in. Only Gao Shen chose public resistance.xx 在收到高级秘密报告后,高欢停止了对河北高士(高淳曹兄弟)的袭击,并命令他的儿子高成嫁给高申的女人。在我看来,这一举措是为了促进高精度遗产的收集。所谓高调高精的女人,迫使高申投降西魏,也是基于这种依恋。 钟密的妻子李死了,高成胜看到了,他说:“今天是什么?”李寂静,戛纳。——《资治通鉴》·梁纪十四 高申的背叛造成了巨大的动荡。高申逃离后,于文泰亲自率军。高欢在内地定居后,他亲自带领军队。东魏和西魏发动了前所未有的激烈集会之战。 在这场激烈的战斗中,余文泰几乎被杀,高欢死了。 快乐的彭乐追泰,泰铢说,音乐:“难道不是彭Lexie?我是男人!今天没有我,明天就没有邪恶!为什么不急着去营,收集金宝!”台金拿了一袋回来。——《资治通鉴》·梁纪十四 失去了马,Helian Yangshun下马给了鲜花。高兴地骑马,从骑手到七人,追逐士兵的知己,段兴庆说:“王速走,兴庆腰有百箭,杀了几百人。”环奇:“吉吉,埃尔斯是怀州省的历史,如果你死了,请用二子!”邢庆义:“孩子小,愿意用兄弟!”兴庆拒绝战斗而死。——《资治通鉴》·梁纪十四 悲伤的喜悦,柳州的荆棘状态,刘洪辉来自傍晚的傍晚,胜利叹息道:“今天不是鞠躬,天空也是!”——《资治通鉴》·梁吉 一场战斗达到了这个水平,双方的主人都逃脱了。我们可以得出一个结论:无论是东魏还是西魏,它都非常重视高深的缺陷。 如果高申的背叛是由高成引起的,那么高欢不会傲慢,这太大了。 从这个角度来看,高慎叛逃事件只是高欢打压和削弱元老重臣的产物。绝不是高慎和高澄因为一个女人引发的血案。 高慎叛逃事件发生之后,高欢本打算杀掉高澄的头号亲信崔暹,给元老重臣一个交代,也给自己找一个背锅的人,但最终还是不了了之。 欢以仲密之叛由崔暹,将杀之,高澄匿暹,为之固请元康为之言于欢曰:“大王方以天下付大将军,大将军有一崔暹不能免其杖,父子尚尔,况于它人!“欢乃释之.——《资治通鉴》·梁纪十四 随着高慎叛逃事件的发生,河北高氏(高敖曹兄弟一系)轰然倒塌,高欢在集权的道路上大踏步前进。他会停下脚步吗?不,他只会加速前进。 往期相关文章推荐阅读: 尔朱兆无奈放手,高欢占据河北 高欢强行破局,元修狼狈西逃 高欢另立元善见,宇文泰毒杀元修 XX



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